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Verify applicants at the start of the hiring process...

In a world of AI and too many unsuitable applications, CV Wallet puts trust at the heart of your hiring by verifying your applicants at the start of the recruitment process. Saving you time and money by getting straight to the right candidates for your jobs.

  • Free to sign up and includes 250 verified applicants per month
  • Then from just £199 per 1,000 applicants

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How does it work?

Set up

  • Step 1: Using the simple interface on the platform, select the verifications you would like applicants to complete, either company-wide, per job or on a campaign basis.
  • Step 2: Applicant completes your existing application.

BlueTick Verifications

Our unique BlueTick verification system provides 4 different levels of proof, enabling employers and jobseekers to instantly create trust within the application process.

The system is both forward and backwards compatible allowing jobseekers to fast-track their application, whilst providing recruiters with only suitable applicants for the next stage of their hiring process, saving them both time and money


The applicant says they have the requred verification.

Verified with proof

The applicant provides proof that they have the required verification.

AI verified

Any proof provided can be checked using AI to see if it looks correct.

Third-party verified

We check with the issuer that the applicant has the credentials that they have claimed.

Types of verifications

Verifications are easy to set up, work globally, completely bespoke and can be set at an organisational or job level depending on your requirements.

Typical verifications include Identity checks, Qualifications, Licences, and Skills. They are simple and quick for the applicant to complete, can be done either online or in the CV Wallet app, and fit seamlessly into your existing application process.

ID & Liveness checks

  • Step 1: Liveness check A liveness check is completed using the applicant's camera.
  • Step 2: Upload proof They then upload a copy of any government-issued photo ID e.g. driving licence or passport. This works globally.

    The AI then compares the picture and extracts their details from the document.


Free version

Includes up to 250 verifications per month.

  • Standard company-wide verifications
  • 250 free verifications per month
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Job and campaign level verifications
  • Email invites to verify and auto redirects to custom landing pages

Pay as you go

Top up your free version with more verifications as needed.

  • Everything in the Free Version, plus...
  • Add more verifications at £299 per 1,000
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Monthly subscription

Lock in a great discount by subscribing.

  • Everything in the Free Version, plus...
  • Subscribe for additional verifications at £199 per 1,000
  • Choose any number of verifications, depending on your needs
  • Deeper ATS & XML integrations available