Our Platform for Recruiters

CV Wallet is a revolutionary new Talent Marketplace that brings together Jobseekers and Recruiters to reimagine the hiring process. Using our unique infrastructure, built on the back of our Career Management App, our Programmatic Sourcing tools deliver qualified and verified applicants to recruiters, in a fast, automated and low cost way.

In a world of Generative AI and broken trust, we are putting jobseekers first to create a trusted, fairer, and more efficient system.

Creating trust

Using our Blue Tick verification, jobseekers can prove their skills, qualifications and experience to build trust with potential employers.

Candidate-owned data

Our unique, decentralised infrastructure means that jobseekers own and control their data solving the traditional issues around privacy and security.

Fairer and more efficient

Recruiters can invite our verified users who have the right skills and experience to apply to their jobs providing an unbiased, zero-friction application process.


Using our Programmatic Sourcing tools we have automated the entire process. Simply provide us with your jobs, budget and desired number of qualified applicants, we will automatically do the rest.