CV Wallet Security

At CV Wallet, we take a forward-thinking approach to security, centred around web 3.0 principles, including decentralisation, self-sovereign identity (SSI), Verifiable Credentials and zero-knowledge proof.

We use what you already have

When you download our app and set up your CV we don’t ask you to set up an account. Your CV and data are securely stored locally on your device. Your information is protected by local encryption and a secure passcode - and most likely by biometric security (such as fingerprint or face ID, assuming you have enabled those features). You have sovereignty over your identity and data, and choose if and when to share your CV/Resume with prospective recruiters.

Not sharing your data is one of our superpowers

Unlike many organisations, we actually succeed more by sharing less. We are advocates of skills-based sourcing. Hence our platform is designed to preserve anonymity, meaning that candidates can be shortlisted on skills and merit, rather than on PII-biased measures.

Cyber Essentials Certified

Cyber Essentials is a UK-backed scheme, developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It’s your assurance that we have cyber security covered.

Encryption, but better

In the cases where we do need to store your data, we’re using a powerful industry-proven encryption algorithm, which we have put to work in a bespoke three-way architecture. This means that if an employer needs to request your data (e.g. proof of an assessment), they first need to request it from you; only then do we receive the data and even then we cannot unlock it. The employer can unlock it, but only if you send them part of the key, via our app.

In the cases where we do need to store your data, we’re using a potent industry-proven encryption algorithm (AES-256), which we have put to work in a bespoke three-way architecture. No individual party (neither us nor the employer) can see your data until you disclose a special component of the key, issued via the app.

Blockchain and Verifiable Credentials

(No cryptocurrencies in sight)! The blockchain is simply our way of ensuring and proving that information has not been tampered with. When an issuer (such as an assessment provider or academic institution) makes a credential available to a Wallet holder, that user can claim the credential. A relying party (such as a potential employer) can then request verification of that credential as proof of a qualification. The blockchain ecosystem secures and controls this process.

GDPR Compliant

We take privacy seriously. Our first principles dictate that we handle your personal data only where absolutely necessary, as little as possible and with full commitment to data protection. You can read our Privacy Policy here.