Frequently Asked Questions

CV Wallet is an app that you download to your phone. Using Web3 technology, it provides you with a decentralised wallet that securely stores your CV, and provides you with useful tools to help you find jobs throughout your career

The app is feature-rich, and we are developing new ones all the time.
The main features are Smart CV tools including:

  • A CV builder to help easily upload your qualifications, experience and personal information
  • Create multiple CVs tailored to the jobs you are applying for
  • Send a CV via email
  • Create a QR code, enabling you to share your CV with others
  • Create job searches that will send relevant jobs straight to you
  • Add your skills and assessments
  • Store your qualifications and assessments digitally as Verified Credentials
  • And many more…..

Very. Not only is your data secured on your phone, but it is also encrypted at all times.
Any information stored on the blockchain is also encrypted, and not personally identifiable. When you claim a qualification, your wallet (which is anonymous) links itself to the also anonymous blockchain data. Only you decide what you share, and with whom.

CV Wallet is completely free for users.

You can download CV Wallet directly from the Apple and Android app stores.

Skills are what you do professionally. They can be both hard skills (such as programming or driving), or soft skills (such as sales and management). Employers are increasingly using skills to hire people, as it results in less bias - and more successful - hiring. You can demonstrate your skills through your experience, qualifications, or skills assessments.

Verification is used to prove your qualifications, experience, and identity.

There are three levels of verification

  1. Self-verified - where you say you did something
  2. Self-verified with proof - where you upload proof that you did something
  3. Blockchain verified - where a 3rd party confirms that you did something

We use verification so that employers have confidence in all the elements on your CV. We also link them to your skills as proof that you have them.

So are we. Which is one of the main reasons we developed CV Wallet. You have complete control over your data, and what you share with whom. Only with your express permission can others see it. Even here at CV Wallet HQ, we have no access to your data, as it is fully encrypted and resides on your phone.

The app works on all modern Apple and Android devices.

We are currently live in the UK, but are planning on rolling CV Wallet out across other English-speaking countries and Europe shortly.

Once you create a search, your CV wallet will update you with any jobs that come in, which meet your criteria.

Our team is based in the UK, just outside of London, though most of us work remotely.

There are a couple of ways. Once you have created a CV, simply enter the email you want to send it to, and press go. It’s as simple as that.

You can also let someone scan your QR code, and they will be taken to a web page with your CV on it. You control how long that page is live.

Yes. You may have a skill that is Java development or sales, but not have any qualifications for it. Perhaps you were self-taught or learned on the job. Often employers will check your skills by asking you to take an assessment. You can then store that assessment within your CV Wallet, to show other employers in future.

We are signing up partners as quickly as we can. If a qualification provider isn’t on the app yet, you can still ask them to confirm your qualification(s), and we will email them to do so. It is free for all education and assessment providers to sign up.

No, we don’t. This means there are no gas charges, and we don’t rely on 3rd parties and potentially volatile prices.