Welcome to our Verification Partnership Program!

If you are a job board, ad agency, assessment provider or any other Talent Attraction technology provider, and would like to enable your clients to easily pre-verify their applicants, then we would love to show you our revolutionary Blue Tick verification platform.

Our Partnership Program offers a generous revenue share model that works globally and sits seamlessly alongside your existing products.

  • Ideal for vendors who have clients that are receiving high numbers of unsuitable applicants or struggling with the effects of jobseeker adoption of generative AI.
  • Verify applicants right from the start of the application process in a fast, automated and low-cost way.
  • Jobseeker First - Our groundbreaking app allows jobseekers to store their verifications in their phone resulting in a zero-friction application process.
  • Free to set up with no technical integration required.
  • Bespoke verifications on a job or company level, with a user dashboard to easily track applicants through the entire process.
  • Verify anything from identity, right to work, driving licence, skills, experience or qualifications.
  • Very low cost, from between £50 to £200 per 1,000 verifications.

To arrange a short demo to find out more, let us know below...