Welcome to CV Wallet's Partner Program

At CV Wallet we are passionate believers in skill based hiring. It reduces bias, increases social mobility, and results in better hiring outcomes for jobseekers and employers alike.

As part of our mission to create a fairer, more efficient and trusted hiring ecosystem, we have launched a partnership program for assessment providers to join our skills based hiring platform.

The program is entirely free. By signing up, you will be featured in our assessment marketplace, and your users will be able to find and store their assessments in the CV Wallet app.

CV Wallet's Partnership Program


Tier 1 - Join our Assessment Centre Marketplace

Our new Assessment Centre will be going live in April, creating a marketplace, where employers and jobseekers can find relevant assessments and providers.

Assessment providers will feature in our marketplace, with a free listing showcasing all of their assessments.

Featuring in our marketplace brings a number of benefits including:

  • Makes your assessments discoverable by those who have taken them and easy to add to their CV Wallet
  • Provides the opportunity to promote upskilling to those who have sat your assessments
  • Access to your assessor dashboard to view users and add assessments
  • Simple to sign up, no integration required, just add your company and assessment information
  • Featuring in the marketplace is entirely free

Tier 2 - Verified Partner

Once you are featured in our marketplace, CV Wallet offers the opportunity to have a deeper integration so that you can verify that users have provided the correct assessment information.

  • Make your users more valuable to employers by allowing them to prove via blockchain that their assessments are correct and verified
  • Protect your brand reputation, so jobseekers can only claim assessed skills that they have been tested for
  • Monitor through your extranet dashboard
  • Free to join, only prerequisite is being a Tier 1 partner

Tier 3 - Commercial Partnerships

Finally our Tier 3 partnership is a commercial one.

Here you can earn additional revenue when an employer sources a candidate based on an assessment that you provided.

You control how much they are charged, and can monitor its success through the dashboard.

Marketing support to promote CV Wallet’s free App to your users to maximise revenue generation.

Again it is free to join, once you have completed the Tier 2 integration.