CV Wallet integrates ChatGPT to make job seeking easy

By Richard and Beverly Collins - 18 April 2023

CV Wallet integrates ChatGPT to make job seeking easy

Industry-first innovation levels the playing field for candidates writing CVs

CV Wallet, the world-first smart CV app and skills-based hiring platform, has incorporated advanced artificial intelligence system ChatGPT to help job seekers craft impactful CVs. Known as Resume Wallet in the US, the app aims to provide candidates with equal opportunities by applying the latest technology to enhance their CVs. For the first time ever, job applicants can infuse their CVs with AI-assisted content free of charge within an open recruitment tool that protects their personal data.

The ability to write a compelling personal statement or job application will no longer impede a potential candidate’s chances of being noticed. With ChatGPT embedded within the CV Wallet app, job seekers will find it easier and quicker to draft attractive content and access career opportunities that were once out of their reach. Unlike the public version of ChatGPT, the app’s API ensures that users’ personal information remains secure and private.

At the same time, CV Wallet solves the problem of unfettered AI, which can create false information about a candidate's qualifications and experience. By using blockchain, it makes ChatGPT honest and ensures that employers can trust the applicant’s CV. Where the rise of AI has been making the hiring process more susceptible to deceit, job seekers and employers can now rely on blockchain to verify the skills listed on a CV without any chance of tampering.

Richard Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, said: “Every job seeker has different writing styles. This means recruiters might mistake an average CV for a lack of the skills they’re after. We're levelling the playing field for CV writing, giving everyone an equal opportunity to impress recruiters. Plus, by embedding AI within a Web3 environment, employers can trust the CVs provided on our platform, making it the most transparent and reliable recruitment solution available.”

The easy-to-use chatbot asks users about jobs they’re interested in, what position they currently hold and to describe themselves in three words. It also uses employment history to suggest wording that best describes a person’s capabilities. It then generates compelling, tailored text.

Beverly Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, added: “Our ground-breaking app now offers all the benefits of AI-generated CVs and personal statements with none of the drawbacks. It’s all part of making the CV smart, harnessing the latest technology to make getting a job easier without compromising on data privacy.”

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