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Unravelling the 'Why Do You Want This Job?' Question: Your Ultimate Guide to Nailing the Answer & Advancing Your Career

By Will Etheridge - 01 January 0001

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Nailing a job interview is often about demonstrating more than just the right qualifications and skill set. It’s about showcasing your passion, interest and commitment to the role at hand.

Amongst the myriad of questions asked during an interview, one query consistently stands out: "Why do you want this job?" This article serves as your ultimate guide to understanding, preparing, and articulating a compelling answer to this key question, using real-life sample answers to guide you.

Moreover, we'll explore how CV Wallet, a revolutionary career management app, can support you throughout your job search and application journey, providing state-of-the-art tools that ensure you’re not just another CV in the pile.


Understanding the Importance of the Question 'Why Do You Want This Job?' 

Employers aren't asking, "Why do you want this job?" simply to fill time. It's a strategic query designed to assess several key aspects about potential employees.

The question probes your motivation for applying for the job, your understanding of the role and the company, and your ambition within the industry.

Moreover, it aims to evaluate whether you view the job as a stepping stone or a significant milestone in your career. By expressing genuine interest in the job, you're not just another candidate seeking employment, but someone who recognises the opportunity and is eager to contribute to the organisation's success.

Responding to this question effectively requires an understanding of the company's values, culture, and goals. It's about aligning your personal career aspirations with what the organisation seeks in an employee.

This is where research plays an indispensable role. The better your understanding of the company and the role, the more tailored and compelling your answer will be.


How to Craft the Perfect Answer

Every job, employer, and industry is unique, and so should be your answer to "Why do you want this job?". Crafting the perfect response requires careful consideration of three key elements: your interest in the role, the company, and your career trajectory.

Firstly, articulate why the job role appeals to you. This could involve aspects like the daily responsibilities, the skills you'll utilise or develop, or the challenges it presents.

Here, you may express your interest in the job by stating, "I am interested in this job because it allows me to leverage my skills in...", or "I applied for this job because it offers challenges that align with my career aspirations...".

Secondly, display your enthusiasm for the company. This is where your research comes in. Talk about the company's culture, their work, their impact, or even their reputation in the industry.

A possible way to express this is, "I admire how your company values innovation and fosters a culture of continuous learning. I believe this aligns with my personal values and work ethic...".

Lastly, explain how the job fits into your overall career plan. This can demonstrate long-term commitment and ambition, which are attractive traits for employers. An example of expressing this could be, "This role aligns with my career trajectory by offering opportunities to...".

This strategy applies to a multitude of situations, from answering "why do you want the job" to explaining "what made you apply for this job" or detailing "why you're interested in the job".

Ultimately, it's about showcasing your passion, preparedness, and how well you align with the company and the role.


Real-Life Sample Answers and Their Analysis 

Sometimes, it helps to see practical examples. Here are three sample answers to the "why do you want this job" question, each suitable for different circumstances and job roles.


For a project management role: 

"I've always been passionate about organising teams and driving project success. Your company’s innovative approach to managing complex projects fascinates me. I particularly admire how you employ agile methodologies to deliver results. This role would not only allow me to utilise my skills but also learn and grow in a dynamic environment like yours."

Analysis: This answer effectively communicates the candidate's interest in the role and the company. They've demonstrated an understanding of the company's work process and highlighted how the role aligns with their skills and interests.


For a role in a startup:

 "Being part of a growing company where I can make a significant impact has always been a career goal of mine. Your company’s focus on sustainability and disruption aligns perfectly with my values. This role would give me the chance to contribute meaningfully to a cause I care about, while honing my skills in a fast-paced, innovative environment."

Analysis: This answer displays the candidate's knowledge about the company's mission and goals. It also showcases their desire to contribute to and grow with the company.


For a teaching role: 

"Teaching has always been a passion of mine. I admire your institution's commitment to nurturing students not just acadically, but also personally. I am excited about the prospect of bringing my creative teaching methods to your school, creating engaging lessons that help students love learning."

Analysis: Here, the candidate effectively links their passion for teaching with the values of the institution, showing a strong fit for the role.

In each of these samples, there's a clear display of enthusiasm, alignment with the role and company, and a demonstration of how the role fits into their career path. These elements together create a compelling response to the question, "Why do you want this job?".


'Why Do You Want This Job?' - Answering With No Experience

Entering the job market without experience can seem daunting, particularly when confronted with the question, "Why do you want this job?".

But rest assured, employers know when they're hiring a novice and they’re looking to understand your motivations, enthusiasm and potential to grow.

Start by expressing your excitement about the role and the company. Explain what you find appealing about the position, the skills it requires, or the challenges it presents.

This could be an opportunity to apply knowledge from your studies, or simply a role you've always been interested in.

Next, align your career goals with the company's objectives. Even without direct experience, you can discuss your aspirations and how this job is a stepping stone towards achieving them.

Finally, reassure the interviewer of your eagerness to learn and adapt. Convey your ability to acquire new skills quickly and your readiness to immerse yourself in the role.

For example: "Despite having no formal experience in this field, I am highly motivated by the prospects this job offers.

The role aligns perfectly with my academic knowledge and the values your company upholds resonate with me. This position would offer the invaluable hands-on experience I seek to begin my career, and I am confident in my ability to learn quickly and contribute effectively to the team."


Key Mistakes to Avoid When Answering 'Why Do You Want This Job?' 

While you now have an understanding of how to construct a compelling answer, it's equally important to avoid certain pitfalls.

Never imply that the job is a stepping stone to another role, even if it is. This could signal a lack of commitment to the employer. Focus instead on what attracts you to the position at hand and how it contributes to your career growth.

Avoid generic responses. Comments like "I need a job" or "The pay is good" do not set you apart. They fail to convey interest in the role or the company. Remember, your answer should be tailored to each specific job application.

Finally, while it's crucial to discuss your career aspirations, avoid focusing solely on how the job benefits you. Balance this by detailing what you can offer the company and how you can contribute to their goals.


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Mastering your response to "Why do you want this job?" is more than just preparing for an interview. It's about understanding your career motivations, aspirations, and aligning them with the right opportunities.

While sample answers can guide you, remember that authenticity wins. Tailor your responses to reflect your understanding of the role and the company, your career goals, and most importantly, your genuine interest in the role.

As you navigate your career journey, remember that tools like CV Wallet are there to support you every step of the way, from finding the right job to nailing the interview.

Ready to take your career to the next level?

CV Wallet is the world's first career management app. Our suite of tools is built to make finding your dream job faster and easier.

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