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Decoding Interview Success: How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well & Enhance Your Prospects with CV Wallet

By Will Etheridge - 27 March 2023

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Navigating the post-interview period can feel like a voyage through uncharted waters. The questions abound: "How to tell if an interview went well?" or "What signs should I look for?" come to the forefront of your mind.

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Let's commence this journey by exploring how body language can provide you with subtle signs of your interview's success or areas for improvement.


How to Gauge Interview Success: Body Language

Body language speaks volumes during interviews. It's a window into your interviewer's thoughts, offering potential clues about how well your interview is progressing.

To start with, examine the interviewer’s posture. A relaxed and open posture indicates they are comfortable and engaged in the conversation.

Similarly, ample eye contact is a sign of interest. If the interviewer maintains regular eye contact, it signifies they're genuinely interested in what you're saying.

However, don't mistake an unblinking stare for positive feedback! The key lies in the natural ebb and flow of eye contact.

Another positive sign can be mirrored body language. If the interviewer unconsciously mimics your gestures or posture, it reflects a subconscious rapport.

Gestures such as nodding in agreement or leaning forward can indicate they're invested in the conversation.

However, if the interviewer seems distracted, looks at the clock frequently, maintains a closed posture or barely makes eye contact, these could be indications of a less successful interaction.


How to Gauge Interview Success: Communication

Communication plays a pivotal role in deciphering how well an interview went. Attentive listening, responsive answering, and active engagement are strong indicators of a successful interview.

If the interviewer spends considerable time discussing your potential responsibilities or the company's future plans, it’s generally a favourable sign.

It implies they're seriously considering you for the role. Conversely, if the conversation is one-sided or they’re merely skimming through your CV without delving deeper, it might signal they’re not entirely convinced.


How to Gauge Interview Success: Duration & Course of the Interview

The length of the interview can be a telling sign. Generally, a longer interview, extending beyond the set duration, can be perceived as positive. It shows the employer is willing to invest more time in you, indicative of their interest.

Equally important is the progression of the interview. If the interviewer moves from general questions to more role-specific ones, or better yet, if they start discussing practical scenarios or potential challenges, it signifies they are envisioning you in the role.

However, if the interview seems rushed or prematurely concluded, it could be a less positive sign. It might mean the interviewer has decided you're not the right fit and doesn't want to invest more time.

Learning to read these signs can make the post-interview wait less nerve-wracking. But remember, these are general guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Different interviewers have different styles, and what might seem negative in one context could be neutral in another.

Now, equipped with these insights on how to tell if an interview went well, let's delve into the realm of post-interview communication.


Post-Interview Follow-ups: What They Signify

After you've made your best impression and left the interview room, what happens next is largely out of your hands. Yet, there are cues to consider in the post-interview phase that can provide insight into your interview's success.

The most promising sign is when an interviewer gets in touch soon after the meeting. While automated 'thank you for your time' emails are standard, personalised messages indicate a vested interest in you.

If an interviewer extends the conversation beyond the formalities, perhaps by commenting on the interview or discussing the next steps, it’s generally a positive sign.

It’s also worth noting that any discussion about references, background checks, or salary expectations usually implies they are seriously considering you. However, if communication turns silent post-interview, it might be a sign to keep your job search active.


Understanding Job Rejection: It's Not the End

Understanding how to tell if an interview went well is vital. But it's equally important to remember that job rejections are common and should not dishearten you.

Rejections can stem from various reasons, often beyond your control, such as internal reshuffling, changes in requirements, or simply because another candidate was a marginally better fit.

Use rejections as opportunities for growth. Ask for feedback where possible and use it to refine your approach for future interviews. Remember, every 'no' brings you one step closer to the right 'yes'.


Leveraging CV Wallet to Boost Your Interview Skills and Career Prospects

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Conclusion: Turn Your Interview Experience into Learning and Improvement

Decoding interview success isn't a science, but a nuanced skill that you refine with every experience. Paying attention to body language, communication cues, the duration of the interview, and post-interview follow-ups can give you valuable insights into how well you fared.

Remember, every interview, successful or not, is a step forward in your career journey. And with tools like CV Wallet at your disposal, you're well-equipped to tackle any career challenge head-on.

Keep learning, keep growing, and let every interview guide you to the career you aspire to achieve.

Ready to take your career to the next level?

CV Wallet is the world's first career management app. Our suite of tools is built to make finding your dream job faster and easier.

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