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Your Comprehensive Guide: What to Bring to a Job Interview - Power up Your Potential with the Right Tools

By Will Etheridge - 03 June 2023

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Job interviews are your ticket to a rewarding career and they demand diligent preparation. Whether you're new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, you've probably wondered: 'What should I bring to a job interview?'

This comprehensive guide provides in-depth insights into essential items to take to a job interview, added essentials that offer a competitive edge, and the revolutionary tool, CV Wallet, which can help you streamline the job hunting process.


The Basics: Essential Items to Bring to a Job Interview 

Entering a job interview well-equipped is your first step towards success. Here's a breakdown of the essential items you need to bring:

  1. Multiple copies of your CV: Despite living in a digital age, a hard copy of your CV can make a difference. It not only helps interviewers follow your career journey but also exhibits your readiness. Ensure to bring several copies in case there are multiple interviewers.
  2. Job description and your application: Bring copies of your application and the job description. They can be excellent references during your interview. The application reflects your first impression, while the job description can guide your answers to align with the company's needs.
  3. Pen and notepad: Jotting down important details during your interview shows your commitment and active engagement. It's also handy for recording questions that may arise during the interview.
  4. Portfolio or work samples: If applicable to your field, a portfolio or work samples are proof of your capabilities. They provide concrete evidence of your skills and experiences.
  5. Professional references: Many employers request references. Having a list ready shows forethought and can speed up the hiring process.


Added Essentials: Tools to Give You the Competitive Edge

A job interview is more than a review of your CV; it's an opportunity to display your understanding of the company and industry. Here's what else to bring to a job interview:

  1. Knowledge about the company: Researching the company's mission, recent news, and industry position helps frame your responses and questions, and shows genuine interest.
  2. Prepared answers to common interview questions: 'Tell me about yourself', 'What are your strengths and weaknesses?', 'Why do you want to work here?' — Anticipate such questions and prepare succinct, thoughtful responses.
  3. Questions for the interviewer: Thoughtful questions demonstrate your curiosity and engagement. Ask about company culture, the role's challenges, or the company's future plans.
  4. A positive attitude: Enthusiasm, politeness, and positivity can make a significant impression. Despite any nerves, aim to bring a positive attitude to the interview.


Navigating the Digital Age: Why the CV Wallet App is Your Ultimate Job Interview Companion

In the era of digitalisation, one must harness technology to stand out in the competitive job market. The CV Wallet app, a cutting-edge career management tool, is designed to give job seekers the advantage. It offers:

  1. Automated job applications and tracking: Save time and stress by automating job applications. With the app, you have all your job applications in one place, drawn from hundreds of job boards and thousands of career sites. Tracking the status of your applications is just a tap away.
  2. Blue Tick verification: Get ahead with this verification feature, which validates your identity, skills, qualifications, and experience using blockchain technology. This adds credibility to your profile and reassures potential employers.


Using CV Wallet in Preparation for Your Interview

One must not underestimate the power of preparation when wondering what to take to a job interview. The CV Wallet app is a fantastic tool to assist in this process. Here's how to use it effectively:

  1. Consolidate your documents: Store multiple CVs, cover letters, and certificates in your CV Wallet. This way, you have everything you need at your fingertips, ready to print or email when needed.
  2. Research the company: Utilise the aggregated job information from CV Wallet to learn about the company and the role you're applying for. Look at the company's job ads over time to identify trends and key priorities.
  3. Prepare for interview questions: The Careers Hub in CV Wallet offers AI-powered support, providing advice on tackling common interview questions, writing compelling cover letters, and filling in application forms.


Post-Interview: The Follow-up and Tracking Your Progress with CV Wallet

What you do after the job interview can be as important as the interview itself. Here's where CV Wallet can assist:

  1. Follow-up emails: CV Wallet can automate follow-up emails, so you never miss an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time. This is an important gesture that can help you stand out.
  2. Track your applications: With CV Wallet, tracking the status of multiple applications is hassle-free. You can view your application history, check the status of your applications, and manage your future interview schedules all in one place.



Your job interview success hinges on thorough preparation and a keen understanding of what to bring to a job interview.

Not only should you take the essential tangible items like copies of your CV, portfolio, and professional references, but also the non-tangible elements such as comprehensive knowledge about the company and a positive attitude.

Additionally, digital tools like CV Wallet can provide a competitive edge by streamlining your preparation process and managing post-interview follow-ups.

Ready to take your career to the next level?

CV Wallet is the world's first career management app. Our suite of tools is built to make finding your dream job faster and easier.

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