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How Far Back Should Your CV Go?

By Will Etheridge - 09 March 2023

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The Curriculum Vitae (CV) often serves as your first introduction to potential employers.

It is your ticket to making a great first impression, showcasing your skills, and demonstrating your value to an organisation. One of the most common questions job seekers grapple with is "how far back should my CV go?" and "which past positions should I include?"

This article will provide in-depth answers to these questions and explore the optimal work history duration for your CV.

Furthermore, we'll introduce you to CV Wallet, a revolutionary career management app that can streamline your job search process, taking your CV and career to the next level.


How Far Back Should Your CV Go?

Your CV should ideally encompass your work history for the last 10-15 years. This range provides a comprehensive view of your professional growth and current capabilities.

But remember, relevance is key. A potential employer is primarily interested in your recent roles that directly align with the job in question.

However, there can be exceptions to this rule. If you have an older position that is highly relevant or prestigious, such as a significant role at a renowned company, you may choose to include it.

Similarly, if your career spans more than 15 years and all roles are pertinent, extending your CV further back might be beneficial.


Including Past Positions on Your CV

Determining which past positions to include on your CV can be quite a balancing act. Each role needs to contribute to the story of your professional journey, underscoring your qualifications for your target job.

In essence, only include past positions that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Showcase the skills you gained and how they can be beneficial to your potential employer.

If you have a significant gap in your employment history, address this tactfully. Rather than trying to hide these gaps, consider using them to highlight personal growth, additional training, or skills acquired outside of traditional employment.


CV Work History Duration

When presenting your work history duration, it's important to tailor it according to your career path. If you've held long-term positions, make sure to highlight your key achievements and progress during your tenure.

This could help demonstrate your commitment and the value you brought to the company.

If you've had several short-term roles or contract work, consolidate them under a suitable heading such as 'Freelance Work' or 'Contract Positions', listing your roles and main responsibilities.

This can prevent your CV from appearing cluttered while maintaining transparency about your employment history.

If you’ve changed jobs frequently, it's crucial to address this in your CV. You can frame these experiences positively by focusing on the diverse skill set you've acquired, the flexibility you demonstrated, and your ability to adapt to new work environments.


Utilising CV Wallet for Optimising Your CV

CV Wallet offers a robust suite of tools to streamline your job search and optimise your CV. Its automated job applications and tracking feature consolidate jobs from hundreds of boards and thousands of career sites, all in one place.

This can save you time sifting through different websites and allow you to focus on tailoring your CV for each application.

CV Wallet's Blue Tick Verification, backed by Blockchain technology, verifies your identity, skills, qualifications, and experience.

This feature enhances the credibility of your CV, giving you an edge over other candidates. By ensuring that your qualifications are indisputably validated, potential employers can focus on your suitability for the role rather than the authenticity of your claims.



Crafting a powerful CV involves more than just listing your work history. It's about presenting a coherent narrative of your professional journey and demonstrating how your unique blend of experiences makes you the ideal candidate for your target job.

Remember, relevance and recentness are key when deciding how far back your CV should go and which past positions to include.

CV Wallet can revolutionise your job search, from optimising your CV to managing job applications. With its suite of smart tools, CV Wallet puts the latest tech in the hands of job seekers, helping you find work faster and easier.

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Ready to take your career to the next level?

CV Wallet is the world's first career management app. Our suite of tools is built to make finding your dream job faster and easier.

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