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Finding Your True Calling: A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Right Job and Career for You

By Will Etheridge - 15 June 2023

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Choosing the right job or career is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions you'll ever make. This comprehensive guide aims to make that journey a little easier for you.

With an array of tools and resources, we're going to navigate the complex career landscape, and discover how to know what job is right for you. 


The Self-Assessment Phase

Before you ask, "What job should I do?", take a step back and engage in a phase of self-discovery. Understanding your skills, interests, values, personality, and lifestyle is paramount in discerning what job or career suits you best. So, how do you do this? 

Start by listing your skills, both hard and soft. Your hard skills might include specific qualifications or proficiencies, while soft skills can refer to abilities such as problem-solving, communication, or teamwork. Ask yourself, "What job would I be good at based on these skills?"

Next, evaluate your interests. What passions could you potentially translate into a career? This can be a pivotal step in determining what job you should be doing or what career is right for you. 

Then, consider your values. What matters most to you in a job? Is it a high salary, job security, work-life balance, or the opportunity to help others? Reflecting on this helps identify the job or career that aligns best with your core beliefs. 

Your personality type plays a significant role too. Are you more introverted or extroverted? Detail-oriented or big-picture?

Various career paths might suit you better depending on your answers. Utilising resources like the CV Wallet's Careers Hub, an AI-powered tool, can provide insightful personality assessments to help answer the question, "What job suits me?" 

Lastly, contemplate your lifestyle. Consider factors such as willingness to travel, preferred working hours, and family commitments. When you ask "What job should I have?", it's essential to factor in these practical considerations. 


Exploring the Career World

Now that you've reflected on yourself, it's time to explore what job or career you can do. This stage involves market research on different professions, industries, job roles, and future trends. It's essential to discover what jobs you can do that align with your self-assessment and provide a fulfilling career.

Consider factors such as job responsibilities, growth prospects, salary scales, and qualifications needed. A resource that simplifies this process is the CV Wallet app.

The app aggregates jobs from hundreds of job boards and thousands of career sites, allowing you to discover a vast array of opportunities in one place. This feature can guide you when pondering, "Which job suits me?" 

During your research, try to identify industries and roles that resonate with your skills, interests, and values discovered in the self-assessment phase. Perhaps you've always dreamed of helping others, making a healthcare or social work career ideal.

Or maybe your skills and interests align with the tech industry, leading you to question, "Is this the right career for me?" By juxtaposing your self-assessment with your market research, you start to see potential career paths clearly. 


Making the Choice

Now you've narrowed down potential career paths, it's time to decide what job you want. This might seem daunting, but remember, your career isn't set in stone, and it's natural to experience career changes throughout your life.

This decision is just your first step on the career ladder. When trying to determine what job is best for you, consider the results from your self-assessment and your research, and weigh these factors carefully. 

It's normal to face crossroads during this process. If you're deciding between two industries or roles, consider conducting informational interviews or seeking work experience opportunities.

These steps can provide a clearer picture of what career you should choose, giving you valuable insights into the reality of working in these areas. 


The Journey Begins: Applying for Jobs

Once you've chosen your career path, it's time to step into the job market. Your mission: find the right job for you within your chosen field. The process of job applications can be demanding, requiring customised resumes, tailored cover letters, and strategic networking. Here's where CV Wallet can help streamline the process. 

CV Wallet's automating job applications and tracking feature significantly eases the job search process. The app collates all your job applications in one place, allowing you to apply for multiple positions efficiently and track your application status. You can leverage this smart tool when asking, "What job should I get?" 


Proving Your Identity and Skills

Verifying your qualifications and identity is crucial in the job search process. Employers value authenticity, so a validated identity and proven skills can significantly increase your marketability. This is where CV Wallet's Blue Tick verification shines. 

Backed by Blockchain technology, Blue Tick verification is designed to prove your identity, skills, qualifications, and experience. It's a credibility booster, helping you stand out in a sea of job seekers and assuring employers that you are who you say you are and possess the skills you claim.

This helps answer the question, "What job am I suited for?" with credibility. 


Staying on Track: Ongoing Career Management

Choosing a career and landing a job is only the start. Career management is an ongoing process, requiring continuous learning and upskilling.

In today's fast-paced work environment, staying adaptable is key. In fact, it's essential to understanding "what job to do" next in your career. 

CV Wallet provides leading assessments for upskilling, helping you continually develop your skill set and stay competitive. In addition, the app offers a decentralised wallet to securely store your personal data and protect your privacy.

This feature empowers you to manage your career journey without worry, ensuring your private information remains just that - private. 


How Employers Discover You

Understanding how employers find candidates can give you an edge in the job market. Many recruiters actively seek potential employees based on their skills.

The CV Wallet app offers a unique feature: employers can discover you based on your skills and invite you to apply for relevant jobs. This function can transform your job search experience and help you find the right job for you. 



Choosing the right career is a complex process, with many factors to consider. However, the reward - a fulfilling career aligned with your skills, interests, values, and lifestyle - is worth the effort. Through self-assessment, market research, careful decision making, and strategic career management, you can find the answer to "What job is for me?"

Remember, tools like the CV Wallet can be instrumental in your career journey. From helping you discover your interests and skills, aiding in job applications, to ensuring your skills and identity are verified and secure, CV Wallet supports every stage of your career journey.

So, embark on this journey to uncover your true calling. Remember, you're not alone. CV Wallet is here to assist you in shaping your future, helping you answer that all-important question: "What should my job be?"

Ready to take your career to the next level?

CV Wallet is the world's first career management app. Our suite of tools is built to make finding your dream job faster and easier.

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