Hiring is no longer fit for purpose.

Using the latest Web3 technologies, we are reimagining the global hiring ecosystem, fundamentally rethinking how people find work, and how companies attract talent.

CV Wallet is an open sourcing platform that for the first time brings jobseekers, employers, and assessors together, to enable skill-based hiring at scale, in a way that is fit for purpose in today's world of work.


Use our open platform - for free - to upload verified assessments to our blockchain, and allow candidates to claim them in their Wallet.


Make direct offers to relevant, qualified, blockchain-verified candidates, using our powerful web3 technology to create a fully frictionless recruitment process.


Store, verify, and share your credentials for free, in the world’s first decentralised CV Wallet, direct from your mobile phone.

Our technology

CV Wallet has applied the latest technologies including blockchain, digital identities, decentralised wallets, and verified credentials, to upgrade the traditional hiring process and put skill-based hiring at its heart.

Web 2.0

CV Wallet