Introducing CV Wallet

A revolutionary new hiring ecosystem that uniquely brings together jobseekers and employers, built using the latest Web3, Blockchain and AI technologies.

For Jobseekers

A revolutionary Career Management App Puting the latest tech into the hands of jobseekers for the very first time. Providing a powerful suite of AI tools designed to help users at every stage of their career. Discover more

For Recruiters

A SaaS based recruiter platform Uniquely delivering qualified and verified applicants at the start of the recruitment process, saving time and money so recruiters can get straight to the hire. Discover more

Our Mission

  We started with a question… Can we use the latest Web 3 and AI technologies to reimagine the hiring process to create a fairer, less biased, and more efficient system?

Where jobseekers are at the heart of the process and own their data, where employers receive qualified applicants at the start of the process, and can automatically source new hires based on their skills, all in a completely frictionless environment.

This has become our mission and guides our product development.  

Richard & Beverly Collins

Jobseekers first
Deliver qualified applicants
Users own their data
Enable skills based hiring

Meet the Founders

CV Wallet was co-founded by internet pioneers and serial entrepreneurs, Richard and Beverly Collins.

Richard and Beverly have spent their entire careers using technology to bring about positive change.

Previously, Richard worked within the world of digital recruitment where he ran one of the first job boards, and in digital advertising where he went on to sell his Media Agency to WPP.

Beverly has held senior strategic global marketing leadership roles including European VP of Marketing and Deputy MD UK of Expedia, where she launched Expedia in the UK and across Europe, to revolutionise how people book travel.

Having worked together now for ten years, their most recent venture - ClickIQ- used programmatic technology to transform how companies automate and manage their recruitment advertising. The platform was sold to Indeed in 2019.

The next chapter is about how blockchain and Web3 technologies can be applied, to put the power back in job seekers' hands, and equip people with the tools to control and develop their own careers.

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